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Post from the NHS Forum 25th Oct 2018

Kemptown Labour Party is standing up for the NHS

Ahead of this year’s conference, Kemptown members discussed the Labour Party policy document on the NHS and Social Care. The following amendments to the Policy document were agreed ….

1. Increase NHS budget to gradually approach the international average by proportion of GDP in Western Europe.

2. Abandon all further work on the conversion to Accountable Care – it contravenes the founding principles of the NHS.

3. Reinstate nurse training bursaries.

4. Reinstate the S of S’s “duty” (importantword) to provide a comprehensive publicly-run and publicly-provided NHS.

5. End the organisation of NHS administration in to purchasers (CCGs) and providers (trusts). The NHS can cut costs by it being administered by a single efficient local body. Yes, by all means have time limited contracts; at the expiry of the contract to revisit the effectiveness of health service by consulting staff and patients on its improvement.

6. Repeal Section 75 of the H&SC Act, which obliges commissioners to offer contracts to the private health provider market. Abandon all requirements to privatise services and bring all privatised services back in-house especially those offering poor service or poor value for money.

7. Renegotiate all PFI contracts, they werenever fit-for-purpose, are a massive drain on trusts finances, and should be legally challenged as fraudulent.

8. Consider the modification of NHS England into a more publicly accountable body, true to the principles of Bevan’s NHS, or, abolish it altogether if proper leadership true to Bevan’s NHS can’t be recruited, and replace it accordingly.

9. Yes, support the integration of health services and social care, but not use it as a cover for inadequate funding of either.

10. Establish Community Health Councils, where local people have influence over their health and social care services.

11. Establish a National Social Care Service with expanded scope for early intervention for all age groups.