Lloyd Russell-Moyle for MP

I was born in Brighton and am currently one of the sitting councillors in East Brighton.

Having been raised in Sussex, I went to the local school and college and worked in Lewes and Peacehaven. I then studied and worked at University of Bradford followed by a short spell in Brussels and then New York. I have a first degree in conflict resolution and a masters degree in International Law

I have had a background in co-operative businesses as a Director of one of the UK’s oldest Fair Trade cafés, Company Secretary for a housing co-operative and founder of a bulk-buying food co-operative. I’ve worked for East Sussex County Council’s Youth Service and ran a children’s group, the Woodcraft Folk.

I’m a member of GMB (Sussex Branch) and Unite the Union (Community Section), the Co-operative Party, Labour Campaign for International Development, CND and LGBT Labour. I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a non-formal educator.

You can contact me by
telephone: 01273 550121
skype and twitter: lloyd_rm 
email: lloyd@kemptownlabour.org.uk

5 thoughts on “Lloyd Russell-Moyle for MP

    • lloydrm says:

      I supported remaining in the EU, I’ve worked in Brussels and knownfirst hand it’s warts and all, but it’s better than many other forms of democracy and I still believe that.

      I will fight tooth and nail to prevent a hard Brexit and make sure we have a Brexit that works for Britain and the EU. One based on rights, access to market, access to programmes such as Erasmus plus which I helped negotiate.

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