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On November 6th 2021, co-leader of the Brighton Hove Labour group, Councillor John Alcock, came to our CLP and gave a presentation on the achivements of the Labour Group in administration and opposition over the past several months. Because of the wealth of Labour successes, the following serves as a public record of Cllr Alcock’s presentation, both for members who perhaps were unable to attend the meeting or for those who were there to reflect back on the details for future campaigns.

The Conservatives have lost their grip of the country. And the Green administration locally prove time and time again they’re incapable of listening to residents, consider workers’ rights, or even, despite their name, creat policy in the best interests of the environment. Labour are the only party fit to lead the country locally and nationally, and the following serves as a cogent guide to why.

While In administration from May 19 to July 20, the Labour group:

Prioritised building more homes, increasing council and affordable living.

Set up a climate assembly to achieve our goal of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030.

Helped steer the city through an unprecedented public health crisis and focused our efforts on economic recovery; backing our local businesses and supporting our most vulnerable residents, including children, those with disabilities and older people.

Made disabled bus passes available to use 24/7

Set up a BAME community engagement fund

Rolled out more electric vehicle charging points and e-cargo bikes

Distributed grants to youth projects around the city

Lobbied government for rent control powers and further support for small businesses.

Initiated upcoming works at Black Rock, the re-opening of Shelter Hall and the regeneration of our seafront

Opposed the academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School

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Working constructively with opposition groups also meant we secured a corporate plan that puts Labour pledges into council policy, a City Plan that provides a blueprint for sustainable development, and a progressive and balanced budget in difficult financial circumstances.

In opposition, the Labour Group secured improvements to the 2021/22 council budget, commiting to:

Recently, the Labour Group also secured funds from budget underspend for further projects to improve the city

We are proud to have played a key role in ending the bin strike residents have suffered through in recent weeks:

From the start, we called on the Green administration to get round the table with the GMB and negotiate.

We held the Green administration to account for not negotiating a resolution before the situation escalated, as Labour had succeeded in doing in 2019.

We spoke up for striking workers who felt disrespected by management and ensured their view was heard on the Council

We urged the Greens to bring in an independent mediator to help resolve the dispute.

We pressed the Greens to negotiate dispensation to address fire safety concerns in communal bin stores.

We wrote to both parties (the Council administration and the GMB) to facilitate a resumption of meetings in search of a resolution, when talks had broken down.

We condemned inflammatory anti-union language from other parties and remained the voice of reason.

We gave the administration the tools to end the dispute, after amending their report and providing them with a framework to broker a deal to resolve the strike.

We voted for the final deal to end the strike, with a pay rise for the lowest paid workers right across the Council.

Some recent highlights from B&H Labour website, press and social media

•20-minute neighbourhood study

•Park & Ride scheme

•Tackling the attainment gap for disadvantaged Children and Young People

•Promoting arts/culture/music in schools

•Advancing landlord licensing for renters

•Developing an Ethical Landlords Charter

•Developing a Care Homes Charter

•Lobbying for NHS and social care reforms

•Advance support around Covid debt rent

•Covid safety return for hospitality and taxi trades

•Accessible changing rooms in all new developments

•Advancing our anti-racist council work

•Engaging with Black and Minority Ethnic groups

•Campaigning for a library fines amnesty

•And more…!

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