Your Executive Committee

Your Executive Committee (EC)

EC at 22-12-2020 

(EC Officers, Name, Email) 

EC Officers 

Chair: Colin Piper 

Treasurer: Roger Phillips 

Secretary: Robert Mcintosh 

Vice Chair Campaigns: Mick Duncan 

Vice Chair Membership:  Christine Miller 

Forums and Section Officers

Trade Union Liaison Officer: Tony Williamson 

Communications/Social Media: (currently vacant) 

Policy Officer: Tristram Burden 

Political Education Officer: Oliver Newnam 

BAME Officer: Sunny Chowdhury

LGBT+ Officer: Lewis Gregory 

Women’s Officer: Sacha Dutta

Disabilities Officer: Jennifer Drewett 

Youth Officer: Isabela Rodrigues 

Lay members 

Aaron Austin Locke 

Mark Cherrie 

Lizzi Humphreys 

David Yates 

Roger Phillips 

Branches Secretaries 

East Brighton: William Baker 

Meridian: Laurence O’Connor 

Moulsecomb & Bevendean: (currently vacant)

Queens Park: Tim Garrett

Rottingdean Coastal: Robert Mcintosh

Woodindean: Jacob Allen


Member of Parliament for the Labour Party