Monthly newsletter (February 2017)

Welcome to Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour Party. As you will know as of the 4th February the District Labour Party has returned to its historic constituencies and you are in Kemptown Constituency.
On Saturday we had the election of the new executive committee and we are writing you to welcome you and also tell you about all the exciting things that are coming up.

This will be a monthly email sent out in the first full week of each month. Your branches will also send out newsletters to each branch monthly and the councillors will also keep you up to date.

Miriam BinderWelcome from the Chair: Miriam Binder 

Welcome to our new constituency Labour Party and thank you for the welcome have shown me so far. I wanted to write a bit about myself.

I am registered severely disabled with mobility restrictions. I have three birth daughters, two sons in law, a fosterling as well as eight grandchildren of which six are blood kin and two are heart kin. In my previous life I have done everything from cleaning toilets to working in convenience stores to running a printers office. I have spent the past few years as an activist primarily in Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

As I depend on my trusty power chair, The Grim Creeper, to get me around. Grim and me have been engaged in many an active protest, direct action and engagements. We also joined the Junior Doctors outside the Royal Sussex County Hospital while they protested and have spent the past few months actively supporting first the Guards (RMT) and then the Drivers (ASLEF).

My last period of productive ‘employment’ was primarily as a Community Development worker in East Brighton where I was engaged in helping residents set up community groups, helping them identify a need, supporting them in applying for funding and engaging with their community.

I undertake to hold myself as approachable, before and after every meeting, by email, phone (details below).

Your new executive team

On the 4th February your delegates elected a new Executive team for Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour Party.

You can read more about each of the officers that stood at and you can contact any of they at any time. The team will meet in the next few weeks to start planning activities across the constituency to ensure that no one would think of anything but voting Labour in Kemptown and Peacehaven.

The team is:

I Heart Unions Week 

This week (8th – 14th) is the Heart Unions campaign ( to support our brothers and sisters in the Union movement which is under increasing attack form this conservative goverment.

Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour will be holding a stall to raise awareness of the good work Unions do and to encourage people to join a union. Our stall will be outside Morrisons from 11.00 am to 2.00pm. Please indicate that you can help out on the stall or click on this link here and tick “going”.

International Womens Day

Last year Labour had a huge presence in Brighton at the Dome for International Women’s Day 2017, and this year we’re asking you to #BeBoldForChange and join the theme of the day.

After the USA elected a misogynist and women’s right to choice is under attack across the world we have seen the fight back start with millions of Women march across the world but the any progress cannot be taken for granted. Whatever your gender, we need you to stand up and be #BeBoldForChange. We will be co-ordinating our activities across the city with Labour and we need your help.

On Saturday, March 4th, 2017, Brighton Dome, Brighton Women’s Centre and Brighton Museum join forces to present our annual celebration of International Women’s Day. Bursting with activities, gender equality is firmly on the agenda.

There will be a marketplace of ideas alongside a specially curated programme of inspiring speakers, activists and innovators, workshops, arts & crafts, causes and campaigns, with fun for all the family and I have the pleasure of inviting you to become a stallholder.

If you can get involved please email our Women’s Officer Melanie Melvin on

March for our NHS

Our NHS Poster#ourNHS National Demonstration 4 March 2017

We must fight to save the NHS from destruction. The threat is real. It is happening now. Hospitals, GPs, mental health, ambulance and community services are on their knees.

The NHS is nor of our greatest achievements. We cannot allow it to be undermined and sold off to private companies and friends of tory ministers. There has been a 14% pay cut in real terms since 2010 and many NHS staff are at breaking point. Support our staff, and support our NHS.

Pay what you can afford for group train travel to the national Our NHS demonstration in London on Saturday March 4th, 2017. Thousands of us will march from Tavistock Square to Parliament, to demand a fully funded, publicly owned, NHS and social care service.

Book your tickets *before 7pm on Thursday 2nd March*

Meet 9.15am, Brighton station, to collect your ticket. Tickets are only valid when travelling in a group. We will travel on the following trains:

Outward train: 10.05 from Brighton to St Pancras.

Return train: 18.00 from Victoria, arriving Brighton 18.54

Sweet heart deal for Tory Surrey County Council exposed

Following Jeremy Corby’s exposé of the Tory goverment’s secret cash deal for Tory Surrey County Council Cllr Warren Morgan, Labour’s Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, said:

“There seems to be evidence that some kind of arrangement has been made between Surrey County Council and the Government to help them meet their social care costs.

There must be an investigation into whether Surrey have won a preferential funding deal by threatening a steep rise, and if so then the Government have to make that same deal available to other councils who have played by the rules.” Read more here

Brexit and the Labour Party

Directions to Robert LodgeWednesday 15th February,
Lord Steve Bassam speaking on Brexit.
at Robert Lodge Meeting Room 7.30-9.30., with tea & coffee served from 7pm.

Robert Lodge is near the southern end of Whitehawk Road, up from the Co-op, and the bus garage. The “map” on the right shows the access routes to the meeting room which is off the inner courtyard.

Steve is a popular speaker, Chief Labour Whip in the house of Lords, so ideal for discussing the future of Brexit transition. We are looking forward to a lively discussion on this matter that is likely to have great changes in our daily lives.

This is the first event of the Kemptown Labour Party and we really hope for a good turn out. We know that many people will have questions so please make sure that you arrive early to get a seat and to ensure that we have plenty of time for debate.

Let’s hope you can join us.

P.S. This event is hosted by East Brighton Branch for all Labour Members, if your branch would like to put on an event and invite members from across the constituency please email Lloyd Russell-Moyle ( to include in next months newsletter.

Keep in the loop 

As we get things going we want to engage you in everything from branch activity to online activism.  We have a couple of ways that you can keep in the loop and recommend that you check regally.

Join our members only Facebook page to discuss and plan events with your fellow CLP members ensuring that we are getting active and reflecting the concerns and needs of local residents.
Follow us on twitter and ensure that you are up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Labour in Kemptown.
TWITTER: @kemptownlabour (
Check out our new website, where in time we will put all the meeting times, venues, the contacts for each of your branches and also news stories of what we are doing in Kemptown and Peacehaven to supper the Labour Party and to support our area.