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unnamed-1Welcome to our new constituency Labour Party and thank you for the welcome have shown me so far. I wanted to write a bit about myself.

I am registered severely disabled with mobility restrictions. I have three birth daughters, two sons in law, a fosterling as well as eight grandchildren of which six are blood kin and two are heart kin. In my previous life I have done everything from cleaning toilets to working in convenience stores to running a printers office. I have spent the past few years as an activist primarily in Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

As I depend on my trusty power chair, The Grim Creeper, to get me around. Grim and me have been engaged in many an active protest, direct action and engagements. We also joined the Junior Doctors outside the Royal Sussex County Hospital while they protested and have spent the past few months actively supporting first the Guards (RMT) and then the Drivers (ASLEF).

My last period of productive ‘employment’ was primarily as a Community Development worker in East Brighton where I was engaged in helping residents set up community groups, helping them identify a need, supporting them in applying for funding and engaging with their community.

I undertake to hold myself as approachable, before and after every meeting, by email, phone (details below).

Miriam Binderchair@kemptownlabour.org.uk, 01273 962809,

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