Talk: Emily Thornberry Refugees and Britain’s Role in the World

labour-emily-thornberryThis Friday 24th February 2017: Kemptown Labour Party is proud to present the fabulous…

    Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • ELAINE ORTIZ from Brighton’s Hummingbird Project
  • MELANIE MELVIN Brighton Kemptown and Peavehaven Labour Party Women’s Officer as chair.
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Come and hear Emily Thornberry MP and Elaine Ortiz from Hummingbird Project speak and take part in the discussion with them and other Labour members and supporters. 

This Friday 24th February

The Synergy Centre
78 West Street

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* Foreign Policy
* Refugees
* Women in Politics

Speeches, followed by small group discussions and Q & A.

All Labour members and supporters are welcome.
Entrance FREE

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