London Attacks and Campaigning

Twice in this election campaign terrorism has struck on the streets of the UK. Last night’s attack at London Bridge by cowardly individuals who wants to cause fear in the public is the latest example.
The thoughts of all people in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven are with those families and friends of individuals who are victims of the attack, and we hope for a speedy recovery of those injured.
I have consulted with the regional office and also with our neighbouring CLPs in the city and we are clear that the response must be that we are not afraid. We can not allow fear to win, and as an act of defiance we will not subvert our day to day activities at the whims of murderers.
National campaigning will be suspended today whilst the situation becomes clear but local campaigning will remain, we will deliver leaflets and knock on doors. We will do this because those that want to destroy our way of life are cowards who are unable to win arguments at the ballot box and wish us to change what we do through fear. We will not be afraid, we must stand strong and we will go about our lives. Across all parties the local campaigns will continue, with respect and with our heads held high remembering those that have died and that have been injured whilst doing nothing more than enjoying freedoms that we hold dear.
If anyone wants to come along to just have a cup of tea, to talk about what has happened over night and be with others, there will be no pressure to campaign on the door step and you are welcome to join us.
We will be at
Sunday, June 4
Robert Lodge, Whitehawk Rd, Brighton BN2 5FG
A discussion session starts at 10am.
All day from 10.30am to 7pm (with the last group going out at 5pm)
Yours in solidarity
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Labour’s Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven Candidate for Parliament

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