NHS Forum 70th Birthday Event

Please see a meesege below from the NHS Forum

Event on Thursday 5th July, from 11 am (till 1 pm, maybe longer)

10.45: We are asking people to assemble outside Audrey Emerton building,
south side of Eastern Road.

NHS 70th Birthday Scrolls

We would like people to help with unfolding 5 NHS 70th Birthday Scrolls, and
standing with them on display, taking care not to block the pavement or the
entrances to the hospital buildings.

We are planning to hold the scrolls along the south side of Eastern Road:
railings to left of Eye H entrance, wall to right of Audrey Emerton door, 2
pavement walls either side of Outpatients entrance, and curved wall of Ronald
Macdonald building, corner of Abbey Road.

We will also be bringing pens for people wanting to add messages to the
scrolls on the day.

Our NHS is 70 Tabards

We will also have 70 Our NHS is 70 tabards for people to wear (we will have
safety pins) There is one tabard for each year of the NHS 1948 to 2018, each
one filled in with someone’s memory from that year. We are hoping it will
make a good display when everyone stands together for a photo!


If you would like to, please bring a few cakes with you to share. You can’t
have a birthday party without cake!


Please come and bring your friends. Let’s celebrate 70 years of the best
healthcare service in the world, let’s show the people who provide our
care how much we appreciate what they do, and let’s tell the politicians
how much this matters – Our NHS – Free 4 all, forever – For people not
for profit!

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