Conference 2018

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Advisory votes on policy for delegates from the CLP

On 1st September 2018, to give our conference delegates some idea into the CLP’s view on various aspets of policy, which should be viewed in conjunction with any policy motions already passed by the CLP.


Members assessing this unanimously agreed that members should be consulted and actively listed to over membership of he European Union, if the members support reaming, that should become Labour Party Policy. Clarification and clearer policy was also advocated.

The above advisory vote passed. For: 14, Against: 3, Abstentions: 7


Health and Social Care

Divided into 2 sections. We want to stop Provider Split. Simplified structure. Section 75 repeal – this obligates all contracts out to tender. We want to stop all co-operation with accountable care.

There are one or two councils who have refused to support their ICOs

Re-instatement of Nurse Training Bursaries, we have fallen down on the EU

Re-instate the Secretary of States Duty to provide a publically run and constituted National Health Service.

Re-instatement of Community Health College

National Health Service for all

National Social Care Service discussed.

(It was added that the Care and Social Act destroyed the comprehensiveness of the NHS)

The above passed unanimously



Subsidise bus fairs, more bus lanes, more pedestrian areas, repeal of the Transport Act 1985 and 2017 that states councils can’t run bus services so that councils can be encouraged to run their own services.

The above passed unanimously



Support the National Education Service and the Labour Party’s current education policy to extend with public accountability.

Integrated Youth Service within the school system, no child is allowed to be excluded.

Vocational Courses to be extended and access to Higher Education be extended as a result.

The above passed unanimously

In addition, the need for apprenticeships to return to their old form of learning a trade on the job, and an end to the exploitation of current apprenticeships. Such a policy would especially help those with SLPDs and who need extra learning support

The above passed unanimously


Environment, Energy and Culture

It was noted that there was little on the Arts and culture.

The role of universities in society was also raised, particularly on tuition fees was also noted.

The above passed unanimously

Motions passed by the CLP GC can be found here.