Summary of Policy Discussion on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021.

On June 8th, Brighton Kemptown had its third policy discussion this year, this time about public safety, particularly for women after the tragic murder of Sarah Everard, the subsequent dilemma women had about turning to police to feel safer, and the failures of the criminal justice system to adequately address and ameliorate violence against women.

We were joined by Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP for Streatham, and Professor Alex S. Vitale of Brooklyn College.

Inclusive of the contributions of both guest speakers and members, a summary of policy points raised was as follows:

• An increase of support for women within and between criminal justice services.

• A firm commitment to the end of austerity politics – revivifying the public sector through community ownership and investment.

• Addressing the causes of crime through lessening inequality, improving education and fostering a greater sense of shared purpose through building our communities.

• Re-enforcing the NHS to address problems of substance addiction and mental health.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy’s presence was deeply appreciated, as she was able to relate the direct experience of her constituents after the tragic events of March, and speak to the deeply needed changes to ensure that women feel both safer on the streets, and within the criminal justice system. Professor Vitale was there as an advocate for police reform – particularly around the salient issue, within the UK as much as the US, of the police being increasingly forced to respond to issues which are far better tackled through changes in health policy, and increased funding to public services.

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